Please Help Me Save My Relationship

Have you ever been in the position to ask for help when it comes to save your relationship? More than one heartbroken soul has expressed this need to their family or friends. Sometimes in life, you unleash the bond between you and your other half and sometimes you feel the urge to close that break and try to bind again one more time. These kinds of situations are usually very difficult mentally and even sometimes physically but they always require plenty of mature judgment.

It is a fact that the most effective treatment for melancholy is to define and try correct the primary source of what initially created this sorrow, and then to learn from it in order to move on. Our previous mistakes must be taken as a lesson and we should make sure not to fall back into similar negative plans and conducts. Following are some advices that can help you move on towards a potential reunion.

You should first evaluate your relationship and yourself. Do you feel you have the capacity to invest yourself again in this relationship and play a positive role? Are you able to determine what parts in the relationship went wrong? Were you predisposed negatively in a way that could handicap this relationship? Was it be possible for you to have done things in different or in better way? Apart of your assessment, you also have to make sure that your partner is disposed and ready to invest to save your relationship. And so if both of you have the same wish, chances to save your relationship are more than good.

As soon as you have established what problems shadowed your relationship and have recognized and accepted your involvement in them, it will be time to inform your partner about these problems. The key is to communicate in an open, peaceful and truthful way. While you are opening your heart about your feelings and worries, be also careful to listen to your partner’s point of views. For a successful reconciliation you will need to become a good listener and be ready to listen frankly and without unrestrained expressions of emotions. When your partner expresses things you have hard time listening to, make a special effort to remain serene and reserved because if you sincerely want to repair your relationship, you have to dispel all differences even if it might be difficult to listen and admit your partner’s position. If you hear your inner voice saying “I want to save my relationship” and learn to listen you will be halfway to successfully saving your relationship, for the other half, you just have to give it time because it will not happen immediately.

During any relationship, it is common to face problems and love always reserves surprises. For a relationship to be successful it requires from us to be strong to challenge difficulties together. In a relationship, having fun and caring for each other create solid bonds and only time can tell if you are made for each other for the long run.

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  1. Paul Earls says:

    Hello, My name is Paul, I’m 38 with 2 kids , 13 & 10. I’ve been with my wife for fourteen years , married for 7 of them. 3 weeks ago she decide to split from me as i’ve been not treating her the way she should have been treated. I’ve text other women, email prostitutes to arrange meetings and i was drinking 3/4 nights a week til the early hours of the morning. My wife has put up with this for a long time and to be honest even writing this i can’t understand how she did for so long. I really love my wife and have being trying to plead and talk to her for the past three weeks about taking me back and fixing the problems that i’ve had. Today we went to a councillor which i was hoping would maybe steer her to giving us another chance but she has stood firm. I was like a puppy dog crying in the corner , feeling powerless and weak. I feel that she is my soul mate and would do anything that I could to try and remedy this situation. At present we are still living in the same house , in seperate rooms . This has been unpleasant for both of us as i’m not giving her the space she needs and deserves and the kids see me chasing and being overly nice to her every day. I don’t think she will ever change her feelings but I live with a small bit of hope in my heart. I’ve listened to advice from lots of different people but to be honest i’m not sure which advice to listen to or where to turn next. I’ve been self harming for a while now but told the councillor today and promised not to do this anymore, i’ve also considered suicide alot but again i’ve promised not to think along them lines again. Thanks for taking time to read this.

    Kind Regards

    Paul Earls

    • Relationship Expert says:

      Hello Paul,
      You will have to face certain realities and for this reason, you will need a good job of introspection.

      Start with finding out exactly why you ended up leaving the door open to extramarital affairs. Determine, with your wife, among the reasons you will discover, which are originated by her main personality, and which are the results of the failures of your communication.

      Important: dispassionate the whole debate to the maximum. It is also very important to include/understand why she does want you to leave: lack of love, trust, betrayal?
      As soon as you both see more clearly the priorities of your life try to take the necessary actions. If the situation is not 100% clear for both of you will be in the fog and any possible solution might not be the adequate one.

      The essence though… have you told her that you are aware that you have hurt her?
      If she really loves you she will forgive you but will not forget. She is maybe seeking something else by refusing your explanations. Perhaps her self esteem has been hurt and thus seeks herself other explanations relying on her and on you.

      Good luck.

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